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1 on 1 Diva Discovery Session

A personal consultation session with your professional credit advisor (in person, phone, etc)
Only $100

The only credit repair company that will review your credit report without puchasing a full package

Boutique Level Service

We are a relationship business. You will have a personal credit advisor guiding you throughout the CR process. Our personalized process delivers better results than the competition.We aren't a 'dispute factory'.. we create a personalized plan for you

The Certified Diva Process

DISCOVER: Personalized 1-on-1 Consultation

IDENTIFY: Identify YOUR unique needs and create a personalized plan and recommendation with YOUR personal Credit Advisor

VERIFY: The Diva Team puts your plan into action, and continually verifies your progress, making any adjustment, as needed.

AMPLIFY: With our Diva Package, amplify your long-term results. We monitor your credit, providing you with monthly updates, credit report evaluations, ongoing credit coaching, and much more.

Integrity Guarantee
We only make recommendations that we believe will help our clients
We won't sell services that aren't right for our clients specific needs

If our services aren't a fit, we won't try to sell you
We won't sell your our services if we don't belive you will benefit from them