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Meet The Owner


My name is Ms. Rae and I am the CEO of Credit Diva of Dallas located in McKinney, Texas.

The primary focus of my company is  to help people rebuild their credit and reclaim fiscal solvency.

I grew up in Detroit, Michigan where I witnessed first hand this vicious cycle of poverty. I understood that some people were born into poverty and just didn't have the knowledge or resources to escape it. 


Under these conditions my deep passion for helping people was born. Many poor and middle class households lack access to credit and primarily used credit as a means of survival. Even at  an early age I realized that breaking this cycle would require intervention. I understood that my own success depended primarily on my own ability to make the right choices, therefore I enrolled at  Central State University where I graduated with honors with a  degree in marketing. Before devoting my work full time to Credit Diva of Dallas I served as a salon manager in the cosmetology industry. Over the course of both of my careers my objective was always very clear, to help someone to become the best version of themselves. .

As an accomplished business owner my goal is to coach, motivate and educate every client that I encounter. I want to help people rebuild their credit and reclaim their lives. I use my 30 years of experience to assist with every aspect of the process from the initial consultation to the closing of their credit file. I provide my clients with consistent, superior and individualized service. 

I am a frequent speaker at different organizations where I volunteer to teach financial literacy and credit literacy. I also offer my knowledge and expertise in credit at home buying seminars around the Dallas Metroplex and beyond.


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